Just a regular chalice, could be used as a spawn.


Just a regular village inside of an oak forest.

Blacksmith & Bakery

Here are two regular medieval houses. The first one is a blacksmith and the second one is a bakery.


Just a small castle inside of a plains biome, it seems to be a very sunny day!


A gate to keep the enemy away, it’s located in the ice mountains. Brrrrr…..

Dark Tower

Have you seen The Lord of The Rings? Well if you did, you may see that this tower is based on Saruman’s tower.


It’s a pretty tall fortress, I know. It is located in the Oak Forest, they love throwing big rocks at you, so watch your head.

Old Temple

This is an old Greek temple, located in the Ice Mountains. Maybe the gate has to do something with it?

Armed Ship (nameless)

This ship has about 48 cannons, why? Because I play solo of course. I’ve got no name for this ship, so if you got any hit me up!


The classic frigate, is in my opinion the best ship I’ve made so far. (I lost a ton of my old ships I built)

Light Mothership

Just a regular, pretty scary ship. We will call it the Light Mothership for now.

Dark Mothership

It’s the same as the Light Mothership, just darker. We will call it the Dark Mothership for now.

Wall design + Tower

These are a few wall designs I made a while back, I also added a tower design with it.

Frozen Gate

A huge frozen gate, for a huge castle. Sadly enough, there isn’t anything behind it

Chalice II

Just a regular chalice, could be used as a spawn.

Castle (unfinished picture)

A big castle, I actually finished the castle. But I never got the time to take pictures of it. I hope I will be able too eventually.