Timelapse of a scorpion


This Zeus statue is made in about a day, it’s hair and head were the trickiest part. But besides that the body went pretty quickly. Of course Zeus is the lightning god, so I gave him a lightning bolt in his hands.


This Banshee statue has been made for a old customer of mine. They wanted the Banshee creature from the movie Avatar in MineCraft in a pretty big scale. It’s a big creature that can be connected with the Avatar people, once they have created a bond with each other.


This Shark statue is made for decoration use. It’s pretty small, so it can be used for almost anything. The structures around it are just for the looks and it makes it a nice piece of art. It feels like you’re looking at a small painting or figurine.


I made this Samurai a while back, it’s somewhere between a few big hills. It was supposed to be a spawn, but it got canceled last minute so I never finished the whole project.


The bisharp was also part of the spawn project, since it was for a Pixelmon server, I had to add a Pokémon that fits with the Samurai.

Yin & Yang (fish forms)

We all know Yin & Yang, at least the symbol of black and white. I tried making them as two fishes.

Frozen Dragon

A dragon I built, it’s one of the many I made. 

Frozen Skeleton

A cold blooded- I mean it has no blood… It’s still cold and it got no soul. Besides it has two swords, so be afraid!

Robo Magikarp

It’s a Robot Magikarp, what else is there to say.

Pokémon Statues

Just a few Pokémon’s statues I had to build, I forgot what they were called.

Rock Golem

It’s a golem made out of rocks, big and scary. It has seven eyes btw, so it will always see you.

Sea Dragon

It lives in the deep blue seas, a dragon so big. But still hiding and lurking in the deep.


Nothing much to say about it isn’t there? Just a regular Pokémon.

Chinese Dragon

The Chinese Dragon, protects the holy temple, that you apparently can’t see.

Electric Anime Cannon

I’ve no idea what this is, but I made it a while back. So if you got any idea, hit me up.


Just a regular soldier with a spear, shield and knife.


Two knights, one male and one female. Both of them have great swords.

Pikachu Inkling

Do you know the videogame called Splatoon? Well this is one Inkling out of the game. But with a Pikachu tail and ears.

Tapu Koko

A legendary Pokémon, I forgot what I made it for.


A Mandalorian from the Star Wars movies.

Dark Knight

A pretty big statue of a Knight, It’s my first actual Knight I made.

Blue & Red Dragon

Two the same dragons, just different colour schemes.

Man holding a Meteor

I don’t know how he does this, but he just does and he seems pretty strong. Wouldn’t mess with this guy.

Two Female Stone Statues

Just two “Skeletons” I made to practice my organic building.