Flying Island / Steampunk

This is a small project. it’s a flying island with sea dragons at the bottom and airships flying around.

Oak Forest

Just a regular oak forest.

Mushroom Oak Forest

Just a regular oak forest, but with mushrooms.

Shelly Pit

This is a big pit somewhere inside of the Mushroom Oak Forest. Inside of the pit is a huge snail shell, that’s where it got its name from.

Plains / Castle

This is a regular plains biome, but as we know! Plains biomes are pretty boring, so I built a castle inside of it with some surroundings.

Ice Mountains / Gate

These are Ice Mountains, I made them with World Edit and a little bit of VoxelSniper. There is also a gate in the middle.

Beach / Stone Beach

Here you see a regular beach, but we also call it a stone beach. Because there is a huge hill in the middle where the mushroom oak forest ends.

Spiked Beach / Snail Shell

Here we have another beach, but with spikes. There is also big snail shell on the beach, seems like some creature used to live here.

Flying Forest / Islands

This is the so called Flying Forest, this is because the trees you see are on islands. In the middle of the air!

Small Ice Mountains

Just some regular quick build Ice Mountains. The top left is made with World Edit commands and the right with VoxelSniper. The left bottom is made with both.

Mesa Biome / Fire Theme

This was a project I had to make for a server, they wanted a mesa biome that is themed with Fire.