Hello and Good day, my name is Boboby, 19 years old and I’ve been a MineCraft builder for about 6 to 7 years. I mostly build organics, but also other stuff like terraforming and architecture. My favorite building theme is Fantasy and Medieval, I’m just a huge fan of the old medieval days and love fantasy movies. Besides having a building career on MineCraft, I’m also a story writer. Most of my stories are based of Fantasy and play around the times of knights and kingdoms. The stories are mostly short and will make one huge story all together.

Short introduction

When I started playing MineCraft as I have no idea how old I was. I went to a Dutch server, enjoyed it so I applied for trial builder there. I’ve learned building there and I’ve been going up the ranks from Trial Builder to Head Builder and then eventually became an Admin.

After I quit from the server (it was becoming a bit inactive) I went to a Pixelmon server called DestinyMC. I’ve been building there for about 2 – 3 years on Generations. I became a builder at first and became Head-Builder after my first year building there.

In my spare time I have been building for a few friends of mine and sold some of my projects to others.


Here you can find my Fiverr page, if you feel like checking it out. Than go ahead and check out my page and gigs.


Here you can find my YouTube channel, if you feel like checking it out. Than go ahead and check out my content over there.


Here you can find my Twitch channel, if you feel like watching me stream. Than go ahead and check out my content over there.

My Building Skills

I can work with World Edit and Voxel Sniper, I like to call myself a speedbuilder, since I build pretty quickly. A lot of the time when I build something I try to place myself into the structure itself, for example building a organic I try to see that organic in front of me and try to see how it lives. With structures I try to draw a picture in my head and start building it in one go without breaks.

Terraforming 85%
Medieval 90%
Organics 90%
Pixel Art 100%
Viking 80%
Fantasy 70%
Chinese/Japanese 80%
Modern 70%
Egyptian 75%
Roman 85%
Steampunk 70%
Sci-Fi 70%
Ancient 80%
Spooky 85%
Volcanic 75%
Gothic 90%
Frozen 80%
Safari 85%
Apocalyptic 75%
Western 65%
Underground 80%